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What was to one day become The King And His Court all began in 1946 when Eddie Feigner, an energetic strong-armed young man who had excelled as a softball pitcher before the war and in the Marines, was home buzzing his fast ball by home town batters.

There was one thing about Feigner, he had a world of confidence in himself and his ability to pitch a softball. Whenever anyone hurled a challenge at this lad in his early 20's, he had an immediate taker.

Playing in an early spring league, Feigner was pitching for a local team of 9 men in a game in Pendleton, Oregon. Eddie's team won the game by a whopping score, but afterwards his skill as a "hot shot" softball pitcher was challenged. This was too much for the "King" who brazenly announced, "I would play you with only my catcher but you would walk us both."

(Our founder and the King
of Softball - Eddie Feigner)

The other team's manager said, "OK, you bring your catcher, shortstop, and first baseman down here and we will play you." On the way back home, the four wondered what they should do to get ready.

Because it was early spring and the local ball parks were unavailable to practice on, the 4-men requested permission to play some of the teams inside the Washington State Prison. The request was granted. With high walls as a backdrop, and the curious inmates looking on, The 4-Man Softball Team came into being. That same week, the name "The King and His Court" was chosen.

A week later 400 fans were on hand to view the unpublicized, initial 4 versus 9 game. Feigner rose to the occasion. In 7 innings, he pitched a perfect game and struck out 19 batters. One ball was hit to the shortstop, and one to the first baseman. The final score was 7-0 in favor of the Court.

The players of the opposition team deserve much praise. Sometimes during our games they are subjected to a little of what is called "horseplay." The intention is never to make a player look bad. After all, when a man offers his services to play, we have nothing but respect for him.

From that simple beginning started what grew into a world renowned success with The King and His Court performing for more than 20,800,000 fans in over 4,405 cities worldwide and throughout 104
countries, all while traveling over 4,100,000 miles and providing over 2,947 pitching and hitting clinics for boys and girls around the globe.

On August 27, 2011 in the city where it all started, Walla Walla, Washington The King & His Court performed its final game before a crowd of over 1,200 fans. Led by pitcher, Rich Hoppe, catcher Charlie Dobbins, firstbaseman Mke Branchaud and shortstop Ron Davenport the team was joined by many past players including The King & His Court original member Mike Meilicke. For those in attendance it was a night that will be remembered for generations to come.

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