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We Thrilled Fans Worldwide
Dressed in the trademark red, white and blue uniforms, and taking the field as a 4-man team; pitcher, catcher, first baseman and shortstop, The King & His Court were America’s #1 family softball entertainment providing the perfect fundraising event for youth organizations, military bases, church groups, civic organizations and entire communities. Game routines become synonymous with The King & His Court featuring stunt pitches, feats of athletic talent and crowd pleasing comedic routines that stired laughter from young and old.

After Desert Storm, the team souvenir book was dedicated to veterans of the conflict. The team performed more military shows than the great Bob Hope, with stops including Guantanamo Bay and numerous US based facilities.

The King & His Court event was an evening of family fun and entertainment for the entire community and included the special VIP “meet and greet” following each game. Each event offered multiple fundraising opportunities, each designed to help raise thousands of dollars for organizations.


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